• Adam Salomon Akademia Morska w Gdyni.


In the port of Gdynia, as in all sea ports, systematically carried out activities aimed at improving the quality of services offered. These activities primarily include all renovations and upgrades. The aim of this article is to demonstrate that the ports of fundamental importance for the national economy, in particular the port of Gdynia, require substantial investment. An additional aim of this article is to present the financing of individual investments, with particular emphasis on EU sources. The most important actions taken in ports in order to improve their operation are: construction / expansion of storage areas, the road and the track, parking lots, storage areas, repair buildings and pieces of wharves. In addition, often they demolished inefficient infrastructure and allocated to acquired land for other purposes. Other elements necessary for the proper functioning of the port of Gdynia are power grids, water and sewage, telecommunications, and thus resets the no port areas, and also leads the systematic modernization. Port of Gdynia successively also conducts civil works, consisting in deepening (or maintaining existing depth) and strengthening the bottom of the quays, therefore, an important issue is the purchase and maintenance of equipment and equipment handling and handling. Port of Gdynia also runs adaptation and development, the potential for adaptation reloading component to the needs of the present, but also future customers. This is to make better use of the existing potential of the port (quays universal and specialized databases). This article will discuss the competence of the various actors responsible for the development of infrastructure of seaports in Poland, the most important strategic documents defining development directions and objectives of the Polish sea ports, investments Intraport in the port of Gdynia financed EU projects (mainly in the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment) and related investments access by road, rail and from the facilities (mainly in the Sectoral Operational Programme Transport and Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment). Certainly, the Port of Gdynia
SA would not be able to realize all the investments from own resources, if not for funds from the European Union. The changes that have been fulfilled in the port of Gdynia in the last several years are visible to the naked eye, and the modern port is much better, safer and more friendly to both people and the environment than a dozen years. 

Apr 15, 2018
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