Transport Economics and Logistics

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COVER ZNETIL"Transport Economics and Logistics" is the successor of the "University of Gdańsk Scientific Journals: Land Transport Economics" published in 1971. In recent years, the journal publishes numerous articles on logistics and transport economics, in which research results covering issues of various branches of transport are presented and analyzed. To reflect the expanding of the topics presented in the articles, in 2012 the subtitle of the magazine was adapted to the research issues carried out by employees of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk on "Transport Economics and Logistics." It was also in line with market demand for studies in this area. Currently, the journal continues this subject by publishing original English-language articles on transport and logistics, with particular emphasis on economic aspects. The advantages of these articles are the included presentations of results carried out by the authors of the research. The research issues contains several thematic areas, in particular transport economics, transport market, forwarding and logistics services, process modeling and logistic systems, development and functioning of transport and logistics systems as well as operation and development of transport companies. These matters are reflected in special titles of individual issues of the journal. The magazine "Transport Economics and Logistics" is published at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk and edited by representatives of five Departments of Transport and Logistics.


Appears from 1971. Since 2012 , issue 42- a quarterly magazine. 
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The Journal is rated at 8 points (list "B" 2016).

We are pleased to announce that Scientific Books of the University of Gdańsk. Economics of Transport and Logistics, positively passed the evaluation Index Copernicus process, the result of which is to grant the ICV pointer (Index Copernicus Value) of 51. 29 point (2014), 64. 50 point (2015). Passport magazine in the ICI Journals Master List is: HERE.

We consistently strive to internationalize the magazine, our goal is to enter the list A.

We invite you to submit English-language articles covering the following topics:

  • economics of transport, operation and development of transport systems,
  • functioning and development of transport markets,
  • operation and development of transport companies,
  • modeling of logistics processes and systems,
  • the area of forwarding and logistics markets.

The first issue of the magazine "Transport Economics and Logistics" (vol. 76) will be published in the printed version, others in the online version.

The "Transport Economics and Logistics" journal is (from No. 76) a substantive continuation of the University of Gdańsk Scientific Journals issued so far since 2012. Transport Economics and Logistics, and since 1971 "Scientific Journals of the University of Gdańsk. Land Transport Economics" maintaining the continuity of numbering.



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